YouTube and Business Development

YouTube offers a number of business development opportunities, especially if used along with other social media.


YouTube social media is a perfect tool for product presentation making possible to demonstrate it in use. In particular, it is suitable for e-retailers and other businesses with few actual sales outlets. Toy industries, recreation-and-entertainment parks, drama groups use YouTube to demonstrate their goods and services in use to consumers.


Companies which are community members or have a number of followers are able to share videos with prospect consumers via YouTube. For example, sports stores and roadster retail dealers share video records with prospects regarding new product roll-outs and launches, latest events, customer feedback etc.

Expert Knowledge

Businessmen sign in to YouTube social media with a view to get the name of a proficient in their business area. They may download videos with tutorial materials or guidance, and follow the links with records made by other experts in the field.

Channel Capacity

YouTube social media allows embedding video files directly on a web page leaving channel capacity without changes. In other words, YouTube users can add a video embed code on their web resources. As a result, a website isn’t overloaded with required video files.

Brand Building

YouTube is a powerful branding tool. It allows increasing brand visibility with focus on its singularity. For instance, coffee retailers can upload videos with both product representation events and brief reviews as for diversity of tastes, coffee growth process, customer performances etc.

Leveraging Experience

YouTube social media allows everybody to watch great events by uploading corresponding videos. In case you interview a celebrity, hold a workshop, or just organize any interesting event, you can download video footage to Youtube and share it with the target audience, provided that you do not infringe copyrights. People who couldn’t visit the event personally, or who just want to enjoy the highlights, will certainly upload it.

Customer Solutions

Frequently, businessmen offer effective customer solutions, using YouTube social media. For instance, it is possible to download video footages showing how to adjust or customize a particular gadget. Video files may contain screenshots with software tool settings or other important data and marks. YouTube video footage constitutes the best way to deal with FAQ or to provide troubleshooting assistance to consumers. Businessmen had better develop a proactive approach to conceivable problems and provide consumers with available solutions. Otherwise, the market will respond with fierce criticism about goods or services. Businessmen can post video footage with customer solutions to YouTube for people who are even not aware of their goods or services. A lot of Internet users type in various queries into a search engine box looking for a relevant solution to their problem, like “my new washer won’t start. How can I handle it?” In case, you sell washing machines and know possible solutions, post them to YouTube, and you may draw the attention of prospect consumers.