Bulkyoutube.com publishes this Privacy Policy to describe the methods used to protect and manage personal data, which our customers provide us with online.


If you use Bulkyoutube.com, including purchasing products and services on the website, you automatically agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. In case you do not constitute your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please, avoid using Bulkyoutube.com

Sometimes we will update this Privacy Policy when any occurrence takes place.


We collect that information which you provide us with when using Bulkyoutube.com, namely, this personal information includes your email address, as well as information about computer hardware and software, including operating system browser type, URL, IP address, domain name, access times, referring website addresses.

This Privacy Policy has been created for protection of Bulkyoutube.com users’ information and responding any possible inquiries. This Privacy Policy guarantees that our website will use only appropriate contractual methods for information establishment and protection as well as processing by third parties on Bulkyoutube.com’s behalf.

We have designated everything about responsibility related to personal data protection to our Privacy Officer. Privacy Officer guarantees that all the terms of Privacy Policy will be followed properly and that all our individuals act on behalf of Privacy Officer.


We collect and use your personal data for the certain purposes, which are mentioned in the list below:

– For website development as well as products and services improvement according to customers’ opinions;
– For customers’ needs thorough understanding;
– For keeping our customers up-to-date about updates done to the website as well as about new products, services and offers available on Bulkyoutube.com, its affiliates and third parties;
– For the customers’ requests for products and services successful performing;
– To meet the requirement stipulated by government request, applicable law, legal process or regulation;
– To maintain payment records as well as for billing accounts;
– For responding to any legitimate claim;
– For telling the customer that he or she is violating the rights, stipulated in agreements or policies, or the rights of any third party that will influence using the Bulkyoutube.com or purchasing our products and services;
– For customizing some of our services and products to provide you with new advertisements and offers;
– For identification of technical problems with the Bulkyoutube.com or its products and services and their resolving;
– For our services, products and rights protection, including integrity of the Bulkyoutube.com and its security but not limited to these aspects.

We are entitled to use personal data of our customers not in form, directly attributable to each one, but in an aggregate (general) form for business purposes, such as marketing and promotional ones.

In case of hiring other companies for working with our customer’s personal data we provide these companies with information about our customers only for the Identified Purposes. Rights of such companies related to usage and disclosure of personal data of the Bulkyoutube.com customers are limited with these terms of use during our cooperation.


We mentioned the Identified Purposes for which we collect your personal data. This is the only information, which is necessary. Our website is not aimed to be used by children under the age of thirteen and we do not deliberately collect information from children under thirteen.

We use cookies on our website to identify which products and service you have already bought and we do not provide any additional information to you. In case you are our affiliate, you can receive compensation due to our affiliate program, when you need to identify our sales that are connected with the customers referred by you. When you enter our website, a cookie is placed on your computer immediately. If you have entered Bulkyoutube.com before, a cookie is read. In case your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to see all the text on the screen, to subscribe to the new offerings connected with our services and products or to try a personalized visit on Bulkyoutube.com. So, please, choose your browser to accept cookies.


Bulkyoutube.com never sells, rents or discloses your personal data to any third parties, except:

– To answer to judicial process and give information to law enforcement agencies due to investigation related to issues, which influence public safety directly, in the way permitted by law or required by law.
– To someone you have identified as your agent and who is entitled to act this way for the Identified Purposes that were mentioned in the terms of our Privacy Policy;
– Cases, when Bulkyoutube.com assesses your activity as causing injury or interference to our rights or property (either deliberately or not), rights of other users of Bulkyoutube.com, rights of anyone else, who can be harmed by this kind of activity, to the products or service, make us entitled to disclose your personal data for identification, contacting and bringing legal action against you;
– To people, who act on Bulkyoutube.com’s behalf for the Identified Purposes, mentioned above, namely to our employees, affiliates, independent contractors, service providers, subsidiaries, agents, consultants, suppliers and business associates.

Personal information you provide us with is stored predominantly in the United States, Canada and all the countries, where our affiliates, agents, subsidiaries and we offer purchasing services and products. If you use Bulkyoutube.com, you automatically agree with the fact that your personal information will be store somewhere outside of your country.


We promise to do our best to use your personal information only for the Identified Purposes, mentioned above, and to prevent cases of inappropriate customer decision based on inaccurate personal data.

Every customer is responsible for providing us with information about changes in personal data by sending an email to our privacy department or by calling us. Bulkyoutube.com needs updated or new personal information to keep its records related to personal data up-to-date and use them for the Identified Purposes.


Bulkyoutube.com promises to do everything to protect the personal data of its customers.


You are entitled to inform us about inaccuracy of information you provided us with and ask us to correct these nuances by contacting us.
Bulkyoutube.com will immediately correct the data.