Likes and Dislikes Actuality in Youtube Promotion

Role of likes and dislikes in promotion through Youtube

Making efforts to look fine men and women try to collect eyes. And we always like when people notice our changes and give compliments, don’t we? Sure, flattering reviews can raise self-esteem. Youtube video clips also require attention and feedback. In fact, character of the video is of no importance here: home video, jokes, educational clips as well as company ad and product comparison reviews make people express sentiments. The promotional video is intended to demonstrate all the preferences of certain goods or services.

Likes function in promotion on Youtube social media

When starting the advertising campaign of goods or services it is vital to understand the targeted audience and ways of promotion. Nowadays Youtube is visited by men and women of any age and social status so that any person can watch the uploaded clip. Hence, the video content should be interesting and informative to get likes as well as positive comments. It’s quite a funny thing, but the result of the promotional campaign will mainly depend on the number of likes left by the viewers. The rate of each video is determined by likes number, so, the more positive feedback with likes the more popular video clip is. Video is considered popular with 10k+ likes.

Dislikes function in promotion on Youtube social media

Promotion on Youtube does not stand only on likes. Being an integral part of any video clip dislikes are also important in this social media. No doubt, each product seller or service provider takes it very hard when anyone clicks the ‘dislike’ button under his/her video. Weak arguments or untruth can result in dozens or even thousands of dislikes and screw-up. And efforts and money are just wasted in this case. The video should demonstrate positive aspects of the product or service the viewers want to see. Such clip will surely catch potential client’s attention.


Every day we face with positive and negative emotions, good and black mood, hope and disappointment. It is hard to imagine promotion on Youtube without likes and dislikes. To understand whether a product or service is popular or not, just take note of likes/dislikes number. Actually, these indicators were designed for this purpose. Goods and services promotion on Youtube is very popular today making the dealers use this social media in advertising campaigns. So, likes and dislikes will keep goods sellers and service providers on the edge of their seats.