How to choose the best promotion between Facebook and Twitter?

Trying to promote web resources people choose the numerous groups and communities on Facebook and Twitter. These social media are considered the most effective tool to make goods, products or services popular. This tendency also poses the question whichever is better of two. Present article describes the distinctive aspects and general principles of both social media as well as address the issue how to use them in combination to increase the promotional effect.

My research

Need to mention that I am not well experienced in keeping the blog and communicating on Twitter and Facebook. So, to make my test accurate I used the software during the whole research. Having gathered the information I just needed to analyze everything thoroughly.

To start I’ve posted some study guide in my Twitter and Facebook profiles simultaneously. I’ve also added certain identifier to every post URL address. Due to this I could track which post was clicked and how much times my study guide was reviewed.

The number of my twitter followers covered the quantity of Facebook fans. As a result, my posts should have been reviewed a lot more on Twitter than on Facebook. But the real situation has disproved that hypothesis. The details are as follows:

My 300 Twitter followers have gone to my study guide 6 times, while 100 Facebook fans have enjoyed my materials 16 times. The result is quite amazing, isn’t it? Facebook promotion looks more effective in my test example. Hence, is there any need to continue cooperation with Twitter? Actually, to understand the reason we should analyze the promotional principles of both social media.

Distinctive aspects of Twitter and Facebook

It is a known fact that Twitter users have only 140 characters to make a post. This limitation can be quite critical if you are going to describe various advantages of the product or service. Facebook is more loyal to its users, making possible to take maximum 420 characters. This helps me to leave some extra comments in the post that will keep it visible for a longer time as well as show the individual attention to the visitors and followers. In addition, Facebook allows adding a photo image to each post that can make the content catchier. There is one more peculiarity which shows the difference between Twitter and Facebook: posts content. On Twitter people post everything they see, feel or even imagine starting from morning weather and jam to jagged nail and headache. Having many followers, it is very difficult and needless to read all such tweets. As a result, some important or interesting comments just can be skipped. Anyway, Twitter is really popular today and it should not be ignored when promoting goods, products and services.

Are there any plus points in Twitter usage?

When you are posting in Twitter you should understand that most probably your info will be missed due to lots and lots of other posts. Hence, to catch someone’s interest you should expend more efforts than just write a post. I have spent more than 8 weeks tweeting day and night and I have understood that I should follow people considering similar interests. In other words, working with study guides I should go to educational web resources and follow their followers.

Common interests bring people together, so some of my new followers will surely visit my website. The major advantage of this approach is that Twitter automatically sends a message for each new follower. I’ve updated the message content and added the link to my Facebook page. More than 405 Twitter users received it. I was amazed with the result. The efficiency of my new approach was 23% counting 93 clicks-through. Undoubtedly, if you make the direct contact with targeted audience using Twitter plus points, you can reach success faster than twitting and posting in news feed. While contacting Twitter followers I got more than 150 likes on my Facebook page. I assume they were determined by direct contact with each follower. I continued working on Facebook page promotion and the more content was posted, the more popular it was.

How should I proceed?

First of all you need to link Facebook page to Twitter account. As soon as all the settings are adjusted you need to catch as more fans as possible. When you have at least 25 fans on your Facebook page claim a custom-branded vanity URL. It may also contain the capital letters, case will not prevent from visiting your Facebook page. So, you may have the URL like or more attractive one like I’ve soaked myself in social media. I wrote a lot of new posts and communicated with fans and followers. My Facebook and Twitter pages were changed beyond recognition. I got an ocean of likes, my followers and fans left hundreds of comments. I assured myself, the users of the social media prefer active profiles.

Beyond a doubt, it is not necessary to keep only abovementioned recommendations. I’d like to share certain advice how to promote a social media page

1) Leave different images in followers’ section. In this regard, visitors will stay more there writing comments

2) Hold an opinion poll to understand what visitors like more or less on your page.

3) Make a small interesting post turning to page visitors. It is quite pleasant to see that someone spends time and efforts giving attention to each of them.

4) Writing a post make sure your information is accurate, up-to-date and catching, of course. Your followers and fans should want to retweet it.

5) Do not forget to retweet the posts of your followers. This will also show that your profile is active.

I’ll be very happy if my tips help you in social media promotion. My web resource is here as always. You are welcome to check my other posts here.