How to choose the best promotion between Facebook and Twitter?

Trying to promote web resources people choose the numerous groups and communities on Facebook and Twitter. These social media are considered the most effective tool to make goods, products or services popular. This tendency also poses the question whichever is better of two. Present article describes the distinctive aspects and general principles of both social media as well as address the issue how to use them in combination to increase the promotional effect.

My research

Need to mention that I am not well experienced in keeping the blog and communicating on Twitter and Facebook. So, to make my test accurate I used the software during the whole research. Having gathered the information I just needed to analyze everything thoroughly. Read More

10 SMM Guidelines

Guidance for businessmen who start a business and strive for fast brand building and quick return

Social media marketing combined with efficient content management systems constitute a powerful tool for expanding the target audience. However, people who first start in new business may come across some difficulties by reason of inexperience and lack of foresight. It’s extremely important to grasp the fundamental SMM principles. If you want to boost efficiency, get more web-based sales outlets, form a basis for successful business operations, and, what’s the main, to gain a profit, just adhere to the following guidelines.
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Likes and Dislikes Actuality in Youtube Promotion

Role of likes and dislikes in promotion through Youtube

Making efforts to look fine men and women try to collect eyes. And we always like when people notice our changes and give compliments, don’t we? Sure, flattering reviews can raise self-esteem. Youtube video clips also require attention and feedback. In fact, character of the video is of no importance here: home video, jokes, educational clips as well as company ad and product comparison reviews make people express sentiments. The promotional video is intended to demonstrate all the preferences of certain goods or services. Read More

YouTube and Business Development

YouTube offers a number of business development opportunities, especially if used along with other social media.


YouTube social media is a perfect tool for product presentation making possible to demonstrate it in use. In particular, it is suitable for e-retailers and other businesses with few actual sales outlets. Toy industries, recreation-and-entertainment parks, drama groups use YouTube to demonstrate their goods and services in use to consumers. Read More

Creating a Viral Video Is Easy if You Know These Tips

You have been dreaming about creating a viral video for long. Finally, you’ve decided to make it and yearn to get a lot of YouTube views. The first thing you need to do in this case is to identify the audience, which will be interested in your video, and find out what this audience enjoys to watch.

There’re some tips that will help you to make a viral video easily. You should not create a long video. The best duration is approximately one or two minutes. Don’t forget that video retention is important, as it takes part in video-sharing algorithm. In a nutshell, chances to see your video in the related video section on Youtube depend on time, which people spend on staying and watching it. So, retention is directly related to making a viral video. Read More

Diverse Ways to a Large Amount of Youtube Views

Every business owner, who strives for success, must have a channel on YouTube. This social media platform provides an entrepreneur with ability to spread information about offered services and products quickly and easily. But the mentioned method is quite popular due to the opportunities it gives. Therefore a lot of people upload videos every day, so it’s really difficult to make such a video, which will appear in the top instantly. Nowadays there’re some methods aimed to achieve high popularity level on Youtube, including even purchasing views, that are used by different kinds of businesses.

If a company has an account on another social media channel, it can post the link to the video on YouTube in this account. It works in case the mentioned account has quite a lot of subscribers. Certainly, it’s useful to add a description to the posted video and a request to subscribe to the video channel. So, a video will get many views. Read More